Material Does Not Cover Entire Object

I have linked to this stainless steel material from other files and it displayed as intended. Now I have trouble with this latest file and have been unable to find out what is different between it and the files the material was successfully used in. The trouble is shown in this image where the stainless steel is showing in only part of the object while the rest of the object is white. The need is for the entire object to appear as stainless steel.

The linked to stainless steel material has been appended to a version of the troubled file that I made for download which is available here:

The HDR background is the “Barcelona Rooftops” file which can be downloaded here:

The material relies on UV unwrapping your mesh object, so maybe try unwrapping the mesh similar to the example material file and see what happens then.

You might also try looking for procedurals like these

This rather looks like an inverted Fresnel or overdone Layer Weight > Facing effect to me… Have a look at the node group: How is the reflectivity of that material controlled?

Got it. In that node group is an input called “Index of Refraction” which defaults to 2.5 and seemingly controls the reflection fresnel. Reduce that to something around 0.85 and the material renders fine:

That refractive index of 2.5 came from:
Obviously the refractive indexes on that site and elsewhere do not have the same meaning as Blender’s refractive index. How does Blender’s refractive index relate to the metal industry’s refractive index?

That refractive index value is just an input to the fresnel node