Material exploration

Currently I make one model and want to make specific material. This is one old painting process, I guess that this is not in use from "70 or so. Young people probably never see this paint in real, except in grandpa house :smiley:
I don’t know name of this paint, so I barely find one reference photo. Except that I use as reference one old office stapler.

test in Blender Octane


Material is somehow tricky, slightly metalic, with pattern.


First … a very excellent job…I believe you have got this spot on…

BTW it is called Hammered Metalic Paint and is made by adding either mica or silicon additives that give it that hammered appearance…


This paint was so durable and hard to scratch. Great job.

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Well, this name has sense, thanks for info. Here is name “baked paint”. I guess that in old days they use high temperature to “bake” paint.

Yes …It used to be and still is a Baked Enamel but not that high of temperatures 2-300 degrees…very strong, hard, and long-lasting.

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This paint is indestructible. Maybe this are reason why is mostly used for office equipment and stuff which are used in public. I have couple such stuff, they are 50+ year old, but they have just couple tiny scratches.
Pheh, they made things that last in those days.

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