Material Export

just having some trouble understanding exports.
I started with a basic cube.
Did the UV Mapping with a picture and applied to all 6 sides.
Exported to DirectX format. Selected object only.

But If i load into a directx model viewer, the cube is almost pitch black, you can barely see the texture.

So I thought hmmmm, this has to be something to do with material I guess.

Went back to Blender, but all I could see to do with Materials was to select the object colour, which was slightly grey. So I set it to White, re exported.
Object is still dark.

Tried deleting the default mat, and adding a new one. Still no luck.

How do I set stuff like specular, reflection, or diffuse (not sure the correct terminology)?

Im sure this is the solution to my problem.



(I know this is rather late) You used the correct terminology. Are you using the direct x sdk? It might be with a problem with a 3rd party program if thats what you are using. Also, make sure you are using that ABSOLUTE CURRENT version of blender or blender 2.49. One other thing to note is that for video games most commercial video games use their own formats for video game objects because is suits thier needs better than .x . .x is a format which mostly is controlled via game programming.