material for a circle mesh


I am completely new at Blender and can now make some mesh shapes with material, etc. Cilinders, spheres and such not a problem, but when I create a mesh circle, I cannot get it colored (i.e. color it with a material). I can add a material and finetune it, but the circle remains uncolored.

I guess this is default behaviour, but I don’t understand how I should create a circle with a material face.

Can someone help me ?


A Circle has Verts and Edges only. Only Faces render so your solution is to extrude a nanofraction to create faces.


Grrreaat !

That’s all the info I needed.


I did not find a specific “newby” forum, so I will post it here again.

Get everything to work fine now, except for textures. Even the very simple samples in documentation don’t work. Textures are shown fine in the Preview panel, but in my 3D view or when rendering, I can only see the colours in my material, no textures at all. Tried to put Stucci Voronoi, on planes, spheres, with all kinds of input/output mappings, but to no avail.

Anyone got the golden tip for me ?

many thanks,