Material for coloring like a normalmap

I am making some reusable textures, and for that i use Blender in isometric mode - it really works out fine for color, diffuse, even bumb-maps. But i fail for normal-maps.
This is not about baking, nor applying colormaps, its about creating colormaps. I just want to make some basics like walls, tree bark, etc…

Now i am looking for a material made out of nodes wich colors my models according to it’s normals.
I have tried some combinations with reflections and cam_view but got stuck.

Now the tweak, i know how to this in the old coloring system, im just curious how to do this in cycle.

Is there a material, that colors my models in cycle like a normalmap ?

@Not exactly, this thread explains how to color the material depending on the normals, this is propably just a part of the solution.

Already figured out coloring according to the normal-vectors, there are some input Nodes called “Normals”, “True Normals” and also “Reflection”, i think the nodes are “Input-Geometry” and “Input-Mapping”,
(1) they are static - ie they do not align to the camera-view
(2) i have not figured out how to transform them into the correct colors, i have to split up the Normal in some X,Y-Values, which are describing the slope up, down and left, right.

I have no doubt that i have to use these Normal-Values, and maybe somehow have to combine them camera-position, camera-view, use some Vector-Math, but this all is just an assumption.

Finally figured out a cycle-Material which make colors like a normal-map.

Some preconditions:

  • very important is to turn the Color-Management to “RAW”
  • the camera from “Perspective” to “Orthographic”

Some explaination about the Nodes:

  • the values in the Mapping-Nodes are all 0, except those with a red frame,
    some of them are 0.5 some of them are -0.5 (negativ)
  • behind the mapping there is a Operator “Dot-Product”, i have added the values for the vectors.
    These Operators turn the vector to a scalar value
  • the different color chanels are added with “Lighten”, you can also use “Screen”
  • the Material is Emission, so it isn’t affected by other light sources or shadow.

I hope this gives some enhancement. For me, i am really enjoying making normalmaps with cycles.