Material for nylon stockings?

Anyone have some ideas how to go about making a procedural material for nylon stockings?

I found this for a poser material which is along the lines I think should be possible with a Blender procedural setup.

I wasn’t sure where to even start.


Didn’t have a set of nylons on a character handy…but this might give you a few ideas…I just grabbed an alpha texture off of the web to show better…the basic idea is a bump node of some sort for texture combined with an alpha…and using a Layer weight node with facing selected gives you the effect of a stocking material around the edges…sheen helps better if using cycles…but ok in this EeVee screenshot…

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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Oh, I see you have an answer already. But this would be my approach:

Hex generator can be found anywhere, but can be replaced with an image.
Not sure if you wanted nylon as part of the body mesh or separate mesh.
I’ve never worn nylon for some reason :stuck_out_tongue: but I wouldn’t expect it to always conform.
I’m using separate here, otherwise replace transparent with skin shader.


CarlG - Thank you for your approach also. I’ll try that one too.

Can you tell me where you got the Hex generator from? I’d like to set up my test the same as yours. Thanks.

I believe I set it up myself based on Eridale’s youtube tutorial.

I used to use SynaGlow’s setup (spelling?), but at the time it was far to complex for me to follow and had way more outputs than I’d ever need. There have been others, but I’m not sure they had the controls or output I need - random color output is about the most significant one; to offset lookup coordinates or calculate a random normal from it (each tile not being perfectly flat) by → combine.xy1 → normal map node.

Thanks for the additional info.

RSEhlers I’m close to seeing what you showed but unless I set the texture interpretation on the image to be “closest” I see very little when in eevee when I’m zoomed out a bit.

Here’s eevee zoomed out a bit

If I zoom in I get this but still not what you posted.

And when I switch to “closest” I get this:

It looks like this in cycles:

My material properties are set like this:


So I’m close. Maybe something to do with the lighting setup I’m using?

Would you be wiling to post your blend file so I can compare? Or I could post my blend file if that would help.

I forgot to mention I’m using 2.93.0


Play with the Color-Ramp…as well as the world settings…once you have it on some stockings and in your scene then you can better judge what and how to tweak the settings…

Here you go…*ck*ng_Material.blend/file

cannot find the click button to download

Click Allow if you are not a robot

where is it ?

i tested it in cycles and alpha works fine
but in EEVEE

i added 2 lightprobe
and set scene tranps

are there other parameters to be set ?

happy bl

is the image a PNG file or a JPG with no alpha ?

mind you seem to work in cycles but not in EEVEE

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The download is not right in the middle of the screen??

My screen when I click the link…

That last screengrab is EeVee… added 4 point lamps adjusted the Greyscale of the world…256 samples and viewport denoise…everything else is Blender vanilla…

Image has an alpha channel but is not an alpha mask…hence the color ramp and the noodle from Color and not Alpha…allows you to use any W / B or Greyscale image

i got the page for download it is after asking for the robot thing LOL
i don’t see any button where to click on it

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That might be because I have an account so I get something different…

Here is another source…though I hate the slowness of Google Drive…

I was able to download the file and see what you mean about playing with the settings. Makes a big difference.

Thank you for posting the file and the help.

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