Material function dependency lookup, possible?

I have a “blend file of useful functions” that consists of useful math functions which are very handy for material node creation. Like fLerp, fStepFunctions, fInsideOutside, vScalarMultiply and so on. I need to modify the fStepFunctions node group, unfortunately I need to modify the input sockets from a value to a slider because the value sensitivity is driving me insane.

This node group has 20 users in this template file alone, and if I simply replace the sockets a lot of stuff will just break by getting disconnected. So, is there any script way (or others) to find out exactly where this node group is used so I can hook up to the new sockets before deleting the old ones?

Basically, node group has 20 users, which ones?

it is all the same
make a copy of you file and test it

modify you noodle and it should be in all the other users too!

happy bl