Material GLSL viewport crashes, Inspiron 3521 Intel HD Graphics

Switching to Material render in the 3d viewport causes Blender to immediately crash. This is with the following graphics card config:

Inspiron 3521 Intel HD Graphics

I am unable to ascertain if it is safe to forcefully update to the latest generic Intel HD Graphics drivers. The configuration by Dell of the drivers specifies at default installation procedures that the generic drivers may not be compatible.

I would happily force a driver update to, however the readme says only the following relevant cpus are supported:

IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® Processor 2000 Series

This computer is a Celeron 1007u.

I picked the wrong drivers. The correct drivers for this chip are which support Celeron 1007u. However, if anyone knows if it is safe to update Dell OEM drivers with Intel generic please specify .

Fixed with driver update.