Material Help for matching logo

I’m looking for ideas on how to achieve materials to match a logo I’m turning into an animation for my work. What would be the best way to match the gradients, translucency, and overall energy?

WoW that is pretty freaky light behavior! I think a way to go is playing with fresnel and glass and glossy shaders…but I must say I cant imagine tweaking this to a point where the object would be this sexy from any point of view, taking in account the fact that this is a complete fabrication…this simple object would hardly produce such fancy colorful reflection no matter what kind of environment you put it into…

in cycles

well i don’t see any gradient in there !

but try with some colored glass OR USE TRANSPARENT

and show us what you get
then we might help some more!

also it looks like this ahve inside faces

i think you might use glass with double layers so that it is transparent inside and see the other sides

happy cycles

your source picture appears to be a digital painting, imo.

Thanks for the input guys! Wish me luck!

maybe you can use vertex paint, sampling the color from the image there, and then bake it to uv mapped image - then you can subdivide and get more geo to get the beveling and rounding…

I was faced with a similar problem when a colorful gradient logo was presented to me. I call this fantasy lighting because it was made by a designer, not rendered. I ended up using Blender Internal glass, transparency and colored lights with falloff set to sphere. Make the color of the lights the logo colors and leave the glass a grey or clear. Move the lights around to meet your color conditions. In the end, I could never get my logo exactly right so I planned my camera move so the last frame would frame up the geometry to match the orientation in the original logo. Then cross fade to the final and have the video end on the artwork, not rendered geometry.

Awesome! Thanks for the tip!