Material help needed (new to blender)

In a model I assigned vertex groups so I’d be able to assign materails and colors later. I’m able to assign different colors to the groups but whenever I assign a color it’s always darker than in the preview. For example a dark gray will appear to be pure black and white appears to be dark gray. I’ve tried to play around with the lighting bu it doesn’t help alot. What could the problem be; could it be with the lighting or with the materail and texture?

try turning the reflection slider up in materials buttons, that may help some.

you may need more lighting (try a sun lamp, positioned just to the side of the camera, tracked/pointed to the model, and increase the value to 2.0 if no change)

I think It can also be a result of the ambient sky color, which by default is a fairly dark grey. Try changing it to white and see if things improve :slight_smile:

Perhaps even consider posting the .blend here so we can see exactly what the cause is?

I tried your suggestion and that helped, thanks. This is the first ting I’ve ever done that wasn’t a project in a tutorial, and I couldn’t find alot of details about lighting. Thanks, the sun lamp helped.