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I could like help in creating materials in Blender 3D so that they look like materials created in 3DS MAX. I think that Blender creates materials with too much specular compared to materials created by 3DS MAX.

The train on the left was created using Blender 3D 2.76. The train on the right was created using 3DS MAX 2012.

Here are the material settings in 3DS MAX.

Here are the material settings in Blender 3D.

I would keep on using 3DS MAX 2012 but my student subscription expired on that program and N3V Games has exporters for 3DS MAX 4 up to 3DS MAX 2012. Due to their financial problems, they won’t write exporters for 3DS MAX 2013 and later. The game is Trainz Simulator created by N3V Games, not to be confused with Train Simulator created by Dovetail Games. Please help me create materials in Blender 3D that are similar to materials created in 3DS MAX. I found out that there is no Blinn diffuse shader in Blender 3D.

What happens if you lower specular intensity from material settings?

just increase the roughness and spec will go away!

show us some nodes set up
might help to help you

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Lowering the specular intensity almost worked but I can’t find the roughness intensity in material settings.

is it for Bl or cycles nodes ?

on Bl lower spec to almost 0 !

but that would not be very natural = pure diffuse !

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I’m using Blender Render. Any suggestions?

lower Spec value like 0.1
don’t use any mirror

and it should be pretty diffuse almost no spec at all just a little bit

See test here for different spec values

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What is Shadeless setting for?

shadeless is like no light sources as lamps are used
it is more like a constant world light which does not make any shadows

but normally not use for rendering
this is use in some cases to make like bump maps for instance

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How do I use Cycles materials? Can they have textures?

one note here for Fresnel
your train have mostly flat faces

Fresnel does not really work well for flat surfaces
so better use the Facing feature

but experiment and see what it gives !

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Is it possible to write your own shaders? Some websites have shaders available for downloading. I ordered “The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics” book.

only way I know is using OSL I think!

why there are already a full thread of OSL things done

you can always make node group and re use them with whatever nodes you want !

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Should the specular color be the same or lighter color as the diffuse color?

well spec are usually white

but on some metal glossy can be other colors

also depends if you want realist material or not !

also depends on light set up

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