material in game play mode

is there a way to make the material of an object in 3d view mode to look the exact same in game play with the shading and all that and if so how do i do it

Short answer is No. Up until 2.35 ( I think it was) you could not even use blender materials in the game engine. You either had to uv texture the object or use the “face_mode/light trick” <---- that is what I call it someone else here will have to explain it to you becasue after 4 years of using blender I am STILL confused about the whole face mode/vertex colors/vertex paint portions of blender and I have not seen any documentation or tutorials that really explained it so I could understand it.

you missed out then

you can copy the vertex colors from what you see in shaded mode into the mesh [textures are left alone] by hitting the make vertex colors button while in shaded mode…

this will even give you the colors from materials… it is pretty useful for lightmaps and stuff
the colors in that pic are from colored lights I placed, but the lights aren’t needed in the game engine… they are baked into the mesh [by pressing the indicated button while in that mode]

another example:

the colors I saw in shaded mode [now baked into vertex colors]

I’ve rambled about this before and frequently… I have even more detail in my fps somewhere… [copy/paste url]

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