Material Instancer, and other new nodes for Animation Nodes for blender 2.8

I have been creating new nodes for animation nodes. I have published seven nodes on GitHub. Download link, Installation Guide and Examples are available in the video description on my youtube channel.

  1. Set Vertex Weight Node, Set Vertex Colors Node, and Vertex Color Input:- These nodes allow you to set dynamical vertex weight or vertex colors for an object. With help of Vertex Color Input Node, you can get vertex color form an object. So, with the combination of these nodes, you can also convert vertex weight to color or vice-versa. A detailed tutorial is:

  2. Set Bevel Vertex Weight and Set Bevel Edge Weight:- These nodes allow to control the bevel weight of vertices or edges of an object. With the combination of Bevel Modifier, you can create amazing graphics. A demo is in the video:

  3. Material Instancer Node and Shader Controller Node:- Material Instancer Node you can instance a material, delete instances materials or use these materials for different objects. The Shader Controller Node allows you to control a material shader node or multiple material shader nodes. These nodes allow you to create and control individual materials for different objects. A tutorial is: