Material is only partially applying

Hey, I have a problem, as illustrated in my attached image. I have several meshes, which I have combined into one object in order to save uvtexture space. However, two of those meshes won’t display the texture. Does anyone recognize this problem? Also, I plan on separating the individual meshes into separate objects at a later point.

Check that you don’t have more than one material applied to your mesh from when you joined them. Delete any additional materials that you don’t need.

Also make sure you reassign the texture in the UV Editor window, because Blender doesn’t guess which texture each poly should have after joining two or more objects.

I joined the meshes together before I unwrapped them. I’ve discovered two materials in the file that aren’t the one that I’m using, so I deleted the links to them, but it’s still not applying right. Do I have to start over, deleting the extra materials before I join the meshes?

Are the materials totally gone? You have to use SHIFT and click on the cross to permenantly delete the material, then save and restart Blender so its not there anymore. Then select the material you want and the polys of the object and press Assign to make those polys use that material.

I think I unlinked it from the outline window, but I saved and restarted blender and I only see the one material, yet those same polys still won’t recieve any material.

If you unlinked it you have to link it again, which is easy now cause it’s just one, can’t miss it.

Ok, I figured out that the polys are accepting the material because if I hit the halo button, they would be affected. However, changing the color, even making a new texture that was a simple color change, would not affect them.

That’s kind of weird. Submit the .blend so we can help you better.

um… how do I submit that? >.< an officemate suggested dropbox…

You can do it easily from this forum. Just press the reply text below the post to access a more detailed window and show more buttons. There you’ll find a button to attach stuff.

sweet, thanks!


parasiteall3.blend (138 KB)

There you go. I’m sending in version 2.53.


parasiteall3_v2.blend (346 KB)

Sweet, thank you so much! What did you do, so I can do it again if I screw up in the future?

  1. Put an Outliner window available.
  2. Selected the object “Mortar” and opened its hierarchy in the Outliner. Noticed did not have a material.
  3. Went to the materials tab and assigned a new one, removed the three that were empty there making sure that one is the right one being used (to help prevent errors I named the material Mortar as well) :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks again!