material issues with boolean

I’m trying to take a slightly comlpex object and slice it in half (animated) using a cube and the boolean function.
But I’ve noticed that I get strange features, despite the fact that the ‘applied’ boolean gives a really nice result.

Is there a simple way to use the boolean, but maintain the texture before the boolean interaction?


Could be a problem with your normals. Put the object into edit mode - select all faces - recalculate normals - then put it back into object mode and re-render. See it that helps.

It didn’t seem to work, so I tried removing the holes in the side, still didn’t work. Then I tried changing the material mapping from generated to object, which seemed to work OK.
Although, now I need to put the hole back in and see how to make that bisect cleanly, as I had some specular ‘flickering’ issues when animated the sequence.