Material Library/Applying Materials.

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums. I just got blender a few weeks ago, so I’m an extreme noob so far. This looked like the best section to post this in, I apologize if it’s not. Anyway, to the questions:

First of all, how do I make a material library. I’ve looked up some videos for this but nothing is helpful. I need the basics here. Is it a file that I make? Or it is a blender save file that I rig up? I just need to know how to create one. Not how to use it or ect, just how to create it.

Secondly, how do I apply downloaded Materials? I downloaded some materials for a pencil I’m trying to create and it generated a new save file. I’m assuming I need to make a material library, and move my material in there? How do I apply it from an outside location to my pencil object in the pencil save file?

If anyone can solve this for me, it’ll be a great help, thanks.

Append materials from an external blend file into your current blend file.
This will not apply the material to anything, only bring in the material datablock which you can then select from the list of materials

For a material library create materials in a blend file and save it. If you don’t want to apply the material to an object, press the F button next to the material name to assign it to a fake user. Otherwise the material may be purged when you save the blend file

Thanks a ton, and thanks for the tutorial, I’ve been around CGcookie and I didn’t notice it. So far I’ve got the library working, the concept is all in focus now.

I’m going to try and apply it to my pencil in a minute, I’ll keep you updated.

edit again

Okay, all fixed, the material is showing up and my library is working. Thanks for the help, I’ll change the title.

Does the staff lock threads when they’re solved?