Material library for blender internal render?

Is there a material library for blender internal render engine that I can use to save my materials, so that I don’t have to append materials from other files for every new project of mine? Note that I don’t care about cycles, I don’t use it, it slows my renders a lot I use BI because it’s faster and it gets the job done.

not really… but if you don’t want to append/link materials, you can save them in your startup file with the fake user on.
There are also a few scripts related, they will save you most of the tedious work to do it step by step.
(because you need to save also all the current datablocks from the blender’s data, so be carefull to mess up with your normal workflow)

ps: in cycles the process is the same.

Thanks for clarifying things Secrop. Yeah, I’ll stick to the appending method, no point in searching for something that doesn’t exist. Besides, I’ve already prepared my startup file with all materials for appending.

Thanks, YAFU. This is exactly what I need. You’ve saved me from lots of work.