Material Library Importing?

I have installed blender v2.40 and I want to import a material library but, I have no idea what the proceedure is so, I thought that I would ask u guys. I have installed v2.40 on an XP OS. Can somebody please help me out?

Also, can more than 1 library be imported or can they all be combined somehow? I downloaded 4 that I found.

Thanks in advance!

I tried a search before posting but, I got 292 hits for my search.

Choose the menu File->Append and select the blend file with the materials, in the next screen select all the materials you’d like to import… They should then be available on the Material panel for an object, where instead of adding a new material, click on the little widget that lets you select materials (in a blend), they should be there…

Thanks :smiley: