Material Library VX. Does it get updated?

(First, I was a big fan of Blender Internal 2.79 and, therefore, I was able to avoid learning about nodes - until now. Sorry.)

I have tried a few of the Sample Materials, so far so good.

Does anybody ever update it… add more choices to it?

And - I noticed that there might be other material library add-ons that might be worth trying. Suggestions for a hobbyist?


There are loads of addons.
I think you are best off with the Lily Surface Sraper (free)

Or paid ones:
Material Wizard
Material Nodes Addon (My own)
Definitely EEVEE materials system
And the list goes on.

If you refer to Blender 2.79, the addon has been out of maintenance for a long time.
If you refer to current versions of Blender, the addon is included by default in Blender and it is officially maintained (If you enable the addon, always from the addon preferences it is preferable to choose a different path to the Blender config folder for the libraries). If you are having a problem with the addon in Blender 2.8+, you can report the problem to the Blender official bug tracker.

Thanks. I’m at 2.82 right now - eagerly awaiting installing 2.93 (gonna wait a couple months 'til all the bugs are gone)


There’s quite a list of freebies too… Gonna try to find a good one.

I’m just a hobbyist… if someone decides to hire me I’ll look into more.

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