Material Library

Lets face it, we need a new material library. I havent seen a new come out for a while, so i decided to work on one. However, I need to know what materials you guys would like to have on hand. Also, do you have a amazing material? Send it to me, ill give you credit and throw it into the final library.

  Currently I am working on a water material. I think its pretty good, just need a little tweaking and it will be fine. It has 3 lights in the scene, two lamps with .6 power to get the specularity, and one sun at full power. No AO. I have no clue what is on the sphere in the reflection test, but I dont think it matters.

Plain Water

Reflection testing (changed reflection, a little differnt from the previous one)

Next up is thick glass (think chess piece).


I have a pretty good metal material.

Lambert Ref: 1

Cooktor Spec: 0.5
Hard: 213
Mirror transp
Mirror: 0.3

Clouds: Soft
Noise depth: 3

Map to
Set nor to on
Nor: 0.02

Of course you have to change the values on map input too, but they are different from project to project.

I am pretty bad at materials but I think this is pretty good.