material limits

Can somebody please use small words and tell me how the material limit works in 2.53?

I have a rather large building I’m modeling. Inside it is several hundred different types of items. The total number of materials I have yet to figure out but it’s easily going to exceed a thousand different types. Don’t ask about the lights. Please don’t make me tell you about the 1,200+ lights of which there are easily 20 different types.

I’m already intending to link virtually everything into the base model consisting of just the walls, floor and ceiling.

You’ll have thousands of more material slots available to you based on your numbers. With all those lights though don’t expect your view or renders to be very speedy.

That’s excellent news on the materials.

The lights… I know it’ll take forever and then some to do it all. That’s why I’m baking as much as possible. This is for a walk-through of the building so dynamic lighting isn’t particularly important. The client just wants to see the relationship of the components, not how pretty the lights are

you an fake the light with area light and just add some emit on most lamp inside
that should reduce the light calculation and the render time

for mat it’s up to over 32000

so you should have enough for you model!

happy 2.5

The closest I can get to faking anything on this is to turn into Betty Crocker and bake the lights everywhere possible. The render time isn’t my problem. Either it runs using the entire network at the office for a weekend or we send it out to a render farm. It makes no difference to me as long as it gets done. The idea is to give the client something to walk around in before ground is broken.

Then they can change it, make me have to to a whole bunch of revisions and send them a huge bill. I love my job.