Material linking.

What’s the deal with linking the material either to a data block or object?

For about a week I’ve been trying to manipulate a GameObjects rbg color and alpha value with python and couldn’t do it. So I thought it was a documented function that just didn’t work yet. Now I’ve found that I can as long as I select link material to object and Object Color in the material Options.

Material libraries are really useful.
Although most of them only work in GLSL mode.
but have you tried manipulating the rgb and alpha value with the ipo’s in multi-texture mode?:eek:

Yo saga. I haven’t done much with materials or textures. I’ve been more interested in game logic, physics and python. And I haven’t figured out ipos (f-curves) yet. I use bullet physics and my own maths. I’ve found that I can make objects change color or “fade in and out” using own.color which is a list of r,g,b and alpha and an integer property as a counter. But I can only do this with my material linked to the object rather than a data block. OK that’s one little problem solved. I guess that unless you link a material to an object you can’t access it’s r,g,b and alpha attributes with the methods available to KX_GameObject.

But I still don’t understand what the various capabilities of object linking and data block linking are? And I do use GLSL mode mainly because it gives me more scope and AFAIK has no disadvantages for me.