Material math nodes

I saw a tutorial that showed how to use the Math node in Cycles to change color, etc based on either the angle to the camera or how the face is angled compared to others… i.e. the more a surface curves the more the color changes…

I can’t seem to find this tutorial anywhere, nor can I find any real good information on Cycles and the nodes and how to use them for desired effects… everything I can do so far is very basic.


The links contain the concepts of what I am looking for but these are not for Cycles.

I thought what I had seen was similar nodes in Cycles used to shift the color of the material based on either angle to camera or to another face or object.

I saw a very nice looking “gold” material on a Suzanne that shifted the colors between the different light and dark hues of gold depending on the relation to the camera. I believe the same article showed a similar shift in color but using the curve of a surface to control the color shift… the less curve the surface had the darker it was, the more curve it had the lighter it was and gradually shifted from light to dark as a curve went from more to less extreme.

I hope I’m making sense!

Thanks for the help chip4brains!

I can read the Blender manual all day and I actually enjoy it… my problem is I am too new at Blender to fully comprehend the application of what I just read without a decent tutorial or at least an example… I am not up to the level of competence that I have in say After Effects or Photoshop where I can bring what I see in my head to the screen without any crutches. I am learning and loving it!