Material naturally coming out displaced and ugly looking. Any tips on how to fix it?

So things were going great with my first project. Finally learned how to bake, made some headway on learning the art / paint side of things. Then this morning, my base model started looking all mottled, and displaced. So I removed the displacemap. Still there. I delete everything I spent the last month working on and started a new. Since I knew that looked good and was working.

    It no longer is, and that graphics that looked good yesterday. Are now looking as if there is a natural displacemap on it. Making it look utterly horrendous [personally speaking], and I can't apply textures over it. Any tips on how to over come this glitch? And what caused it?


and with custom skin texture.

Those are all I did so far after I deleted everything the last time.

Not sure what you are talking about. If you are talking about the noise on the model that is because you´re rendering with only 5 samples. Set the sample to 128 or something like that and it will be better.

Yeah the noise. While that did fix the problem. I’ve been using 5 samples for two weeks with no problems. Is there anyway to get rid of the noise without increasing sample size?

There are compositing tricks you can use to reduce noise, although 5 samples is too low for this, your bare minimum number of samples here is 50-200.

Ah, thank you ^_^.

You might have had the “square samples” checkbox in the rendering menu ticked before which means that it acutally used 25 instead of 5 samples