Material node with seperate Geometry?

Hi I am currently working on a landscape and in order to place materials according to different areas in the terrain I am using a height map texture with nodes to assign each material. This is working perfectly but there is one problem, the materials are keeping the uv settings so they are not scaling and results in the render below. Is there anyway in nodes that i can assign a different coordinator to just the Materials so they scale? sorry if this doesnt make any sense kinda hard to explain. says “Material Nodes in a tree will always use the same texture coordinates”
Any way around this?


I fixed it. manually changed from UV with different object…now just to get materials to blend right

You can use mapping node to change the coordinates.

edit: oh you meant materials, then you can just use texture tab. Change size X Y Z as you want and that will change the scaling of texture.

For some reason the the Input tab wasnt working. i’d change something and nothing would happen. Added a new object and put the material on that then i could change.