Material nodes can't have different inputs for Color and Normal? Really?

Either I am mistaken or it seems there is a bug in the texture node editor. Below is my setup

Should the ball have a checkerboard pattern for color and an normal map based on the cloud texture?

It seems impossible to use the texture editor to do this. I should add turning on the normal setting just makes the checkerboard pattern become the normal map…

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Material nodes can’t have different inputs for Color and Normal? Really?
First, you’re not in the material nodes, you’re in the texture nodes. So all what you are creating is a texture.

The Checker node and Cloud node are just a few of the input nodes you are using. And you just seem to be using the color and normal of those 2. You can use the color and normal of other input nodes too.

And I don’t really see the purpose of the ‘Value to Normal’ node, since the same effect can be achieved by connecting the Normal of the Cloud node directly to the Normal of the Output node. I believe.

I mention texture nodes later…but you are correct…

You are correct in a variety of ways - but that doesn’t change my point. Is it possible to have one input for color and a different one for normal and have it render properly?

Apologies for misunderstanding. After a quick test I believe you’re correct; that it is a bug.

Though in your setup Normal isn’t checked in the Influence panel, I was unable to get the color from one node, and the normal from another node. In the final texture it used the normal of the color node. In comparison 2.49 does give the desired result.

Here’s a Blend that might help you with node based textures. Click through each of the textures assigned to the cube to see how they are node based.


multi_texture_nodes.blend (596 KB)

pappy, that’s a fine solution. But Brenner was asking if you could get a color and normal from different nodes in 1 texture node setup. So basically have 1 final texture. In 2.49 this is possible. In 2.54 it’s not possible, for some reason.

Bug report anyone?

Done. Just finished adding it.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I was pretty sure it was a bug - but it’s great to get confirmation… I’ll update this thread when I heard back on the bug’s status

is is possible in 2.5 to add texture node in the panels or only in the Node window ?

also is there any indication in texture panel that a node is being used?

can you show sample file for 2.49 where there are the normal node as indicated earlier!

Thanks and happy 2.5

a bit of an update - my bug has already been reported (Duplicate of bug number 20027.) I tried searching for it - but the bug tracker system isn’t overly intuitive that way

However it was reported nearly 11 months ago - so I’m guessing this wouldn’t be considered a very high priority bug (which admittedly it’s not)

i think they are working to get most of the bugs out of 2.5 so i guess inside a few weeks
most of them should be out and hoping not too many new ones are added!

so we should see this bug out soon !

but would like to see an example in 2.49 for this !

happy 2.5

If the nabla value isn’t rediculously low like 0.00 or you don’t have a high enough value for the nor. strength, then it would probably be a bug.

However, the texture node dev. (Robin Allen), has apparently left the Blender dev. scene after Brecht and others shot down his idea for unified nodes reasoning that his proposal didn’t make all that much sense when the whole picture is looked at, so currently there’s no one maintaining the texture nodes and apparently as seen here the texture node system may be starting to degrade and accumulate bugs.

If this is where BI and its related functionality is going then it should just be ripped out and replaced with an external engine that actually has active development like Luxrender, the non-photoreal effects like rim lighting and cell-shading could be done using sophisticated post-pro filters that work per-object. BI’s source code is full of hacks, workarounds and bandaids anyway, not fit for serious development until a dev. volunteers to spend months cleaning it up.

I kinda figured there might be a reason like that behind the bug still being there. If they are going to radically change the way blender creates textures/materials/shaders it probably doesn’t make much sense to try and fix bugs in the texture node editor…

I’m personally not completely comfortable with external renderers - but I can definitely see their benefits. I think when there is greater integration with things like Yafaray and Luxrender I might give them another shot…

Well I know the Luxrender plugin at least has made a lot of progress (Doug Hammond, the main dev. behind Luxblend25 and one of the Luxrender devs, even now has commit rights to Blender’s extension system where he already has his exporter (now extension) framework integrated.).

Luxrender itself could use more developers, its code base is much better to work with so you can more easily bring in new material capability.