material nodes don't work

Hi everybody.
I was working with material nodes watching a tutorial (Venom’s Lab), and I added in the ‘Node Editor’ window a [Camera data node (view distance) + Mix node + output node].
So it was supposed that when the more I got closest to the mesh, the more the colour changes, but it doesn’t works in the image (object mode) neither in the rendering; color doesn’t changes (see it at the image)
I have followed the tutorial step by step, and I think it might be a configuration problem…maybe I have to download a newer Blender version? What should I do?

I hope somebody can help me.

Hi. Put between Camera Data and Mix the Mapping node. In the mapping node change the 1st 2 numbers behind Size to 0. Set the 3rd one to 0.10, but you can play with that more.

Also it would be helpful to connect Color from the Material node to Color1 of the Mix node

It doesn’t works as the video tutorial. When he (tutorial guy) zoom to the monkey, its color changes; mine don’t!
Also, when I change any color or material from the object, the object doesn’t changes. It just changes when I switch to edit mode and come back to object mode…Can’t it be Live changing or something?

Hello? Did you not read my reply? If you want results you need to follow those steps I mentioned

yes but it doesn’t works as it had to!

I think I’ve seen this tutorial before so…

#1 Be sure you’re in GLSL mode.

#2 Be sure you’re in “Textured” draw type. (ALT+Z)

(in the screenshot I see you’re in Shaded draw type)

I’m trying the same thing, but when I switch to the Textured draw type (with GLSL), Blender crashes. I’m running 2.49b on Snow Leopard, 10.6.2. Anyone knows why ?

Might be because your Graphics accelerator doesn’t support GLSL. Do you get an error message when you enable GLSL in the Game menu?

No, my graphic card is a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT (in old macbook pro). GLSL works fine on it. The problem occurs when I connect the mapping node to the output when textured draw mode is enabled.