Material nodes - limit by height? Making Snow

Is there a way to limit a material node by min and max Z height? So I have a mountain that is 10 blender units high and I want snow to be at 9 and 10 blender units altitude. Do I use the vector mapping node?

Check this:

You need to make that blend texture black and white and set stencil mode for its channel in material buttons. If using nodes, make it there.

Another solution might be to map the snow texture with another object (e.g. empty), move it higher and set clipping for texture to ClipCube.

Thankyou for the info Myn.pheos. I think using the blend texture as a node will work for me best. I am experimenting with it now.

Yes, you can set two different material in node tree, and mix them with blend texture as alpha. Works well and is better than trying to combine it in one material, with nodes you have much more control over the result.