Material nodes to get advanced?

I mean nodes like scatter nodes

slope blurr

or many normal map blend nodes

It can be possible in Blender but as advanced nodes do not exist you’ll spend hours making making those basic ones, so lot more hours to make your materials.

So it is something planned for extending Blender material nodes or will it stay as it is ?

Hopefully Substance Designer is available, while it could have been cool to have more advanced nodes in Blender.

Shader nodes work on a point by point basis which means that you don’t have access to adjacent pixels for things like blurring.

Blender has Texture nodes but these haven’t seen any developments for a long time.

It would be nice to see a plan to modernise Textures in Blender so they were a superset of Eevee shader nodes with tiling, blurring and layering etc

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I guess Substance Designer will stay leading software about node based materials
creation when it comes to stay fast and easy and providing advanced nodes.

It will only create image textures as output, which I find extremely limited on its own due to memory requirements on uber massive image sizes to avoid repeats. Current downloadable assets are not suitable for closeups as their textures are too small. If textures were big enough they would be unsuitable because they require too much memory. Unless the asset came with the tools required to generate the texel density you need for that scene. I absolutely hate when I spot obvious texture repeats or visible seams as if nothing was done to prevent it.

When it comes to Next Gen, textures are already going up to 8K, ram is always increasing as games graphics progress, this is not an issue.
Virtual textures, is one solution for game engines to deal with such resolution.

About Substance, they propose material load in engine and textures generation at game startup, but it’s too slow resulting in making long wait times until all textures are generated.
Perhaps Substance should invest work on finding a way to speed up textures generation and make some texture generation on the fly only when it’s needed, like virtual textures in some way.

There is lot of money for who would be able to make such plugin like Substance Designer for Blender with advanced nodes, anyone who don’t want to use Designer subscription would pay 60$ for a good plugin i guess.

There are a few enhancements awaiting review. Hopefully procedural textures will get some attention now that Brecht seems to be coming back to Cycles full time.