Material not applied correctly on 2 same objects

Hello, I am a beginner and I have a problem with my first model. It’s a baseball with 2 patches. The problem is that the leather material is applied perfectly on the Patch 1 but it’s bugged on the Patch 2. I’ve checked every properties, flipped the normals etc… Can you help me please ? I’ve uploaded the .blend file on wetransfer because as a new user I can’t upload here. If you can check quickly and tell me what’s the problem it’ll be great. Thank you

You did not pack the image textures, but only one of the patches is not properly unwrapped. Take a look at them in the UV editor.
Either unwrap the other one properly or use generated or object coordinates for the textures.
Edit: For this model it is easy to unwrap well simply select the bad patch go to edit mode select all and hit unwrap.

Thank you, you right I didn’t unwrapped the other patch !