Material not displaying correctly in rendered view

Hi everyone! I’m Josh and I’m brand new here and to blender, I’ve only been playing with blender on and off for about 5 days now and I’ve learned to make a donut and a cup of coffee.

So I’ve decided to move on after the coffee and donut, I decided to start working on a lightsaber to try new things and I’m having trouble with my materials displaying properly.

No matter which way I go about this I am having no luck, I’ve loaded new scenes and just made a sphere and duplicated the value’s/new lighting etc and I keep getting the same result.

The issue is I have created a new material for my lightsabers body, I have set the color to a light grey and turned metallic all the way up as well and lowering the roughness. Yet the material still doesn’t display on the body properly like in my donut/coffee render.

I can get the material to show up like a mirror in material preview but not in rendered.



As you can see the material show’s in the preview window on the right beautifully but I just can’t get it to lay on the mesh properly, is there some step I am missing that I forgot about during my other render? I’ve watched a few other “metal tutorial” video’s and it is the same steps I am currently taking yet they display on the mesh during rendered and mine does not.

Thank you in advance!


First of all, are you using EEVEE render or cycles?

For metal objects to look like metal they need something to reflect or they will look flat and boring. Try to use an environment light like an HDRI and everything will look much better. Also don’t make your metal too rough or you are not going to get any effect.

Exactly because Blender uses an internal HDRI image to have reflections in the viewport. This environment is only for the viewport and has no effect in the render.

Thank you so much! I totally forgot about switching to cycles, much appreciated!

You are welcome!