Material not showing up in render

Hey I am new to blender and I’m doing a basic object. I have a material that is brownish and when i add a picture (under materials) onto it the brown color gets removed and only the picture is shown ? Any ideas what i might be doing wrong here ?

Thanks in advance.

My guess is, you asigned the brown color in the material tab and then applied a image as a texture. On the texture panel you defined Diffuse color 1. This will “hide” mix (based on the selected blend type) your texture with the base material color. 1 means texture overwrites material color

Yes that is exactly how I did it, i tried to untoggle the colour under diffuse in the texture but that just removes it. Any ideas what i should do to mix those two together ? Blend is set to Mix under texture settings

Show an example of what you get and what you want to achieve.
Do you want combination of the base colour and the texture ?
How do you want the combination to show ?
Does the texture have transparency ?

here is a screenshot on how it looks:
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The white thing that the picture is on is supposed to be brownish, (I’m doing this from a tutorial but can’t find the problem) when the picture is not used the object is brown but when the picture comes it’s white. Let me know if you want more screenshots then ill take some.