Material not updating?


i have a whole pile of cubes, with a texture repeated on them. i want the smaller cubes to have a different repeat rate on them, so i select these cubes, and press P to separate them. new objects, same material.

i go material, add new. new objects, new material SAME TEXTURE
next, i select the repeated texture, and go texture, add new, thus creating a new texture. i change the repeat rate, and if i go between the two types of cubes, i can see the repeat rate changes, so voila, new object, new material, new texture.

now, to help myself i changed the colour of these cubes, just their base colour so i can see which cube has what material, and i noticed that it did not update its colour in the 3d window, which was rather odd.

same thing happens when rendering, even if i turn off the texture alltogether, it still renders with it on.

any clues?



You’re sure the same material is not linked to the two objects?
That would be a rather obvious error though. :expressionless:


especially since the material’s base colour has changed completely…

okay, i can NOT figure this one out, and i have a deadline for this piece and would rather not just photoshop old versions!!!

PLEASE any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated, here is the .blend (i would have rather not posted it, but i dont really have a choice):

you can see the objects with the normal window material (purple) and the objects with the smaller window material (yellow / orange)

there are also a group of smaller buildings which should have the smaller material, (and which say they do) but still appear as purple, not yellow.


EDIT dotblend removed, no peeking till its done! /EDIT

So there’s three ‘groups’ of buildings? I notice that the medium group has two material indices, si this intentional?

you fuckin star!

thankyou SO much!

i can NOT beleive i missed that either…