Material not working in cycles

Hello, i’m making a bedroom,
the floor material i’m using a
a free pbr texture
and used node wrangler for the nodes.
But does not appear in cycles
(even in the viewport)
BUT only in eevee.

In the cycles render it seems like it’s using the wall material and not
the floor one. What did i do wrong??

Can you share the project file? I don’t think you need to pack the textures for this one.

Actually i do. What about the floor texture? that an image.

Ok here it is:

didn’t want to upload
so i had to use an external website

There’s a duplicate face on the floor, with the other material, so you’re getting Z-fighting. In my case, with CPU and OptiX rendering I got half-n-half floor and walls split diagonally, whereas with CUDA only the wall material appeared on the floor.

Also, check normals on your objects, some of them are flipped.

Thanks it worked
just had to use merge by distance!

By the way i also posted
the semi-finished render here: Check out this living room i've made (work in progress)