Material on object - wiremesh

i did a triangular shape then extruded in Z

applied a material to it

and in object mode i cannot see the color and the object stays in wiremesh
i cannot see it as a solid mesh ?

What is wrong with this object:confused:

Tanks and Salutations

Hit your Z key to go back to shaded mode, that should do it.

The Z key will affect all the other objects except this one !

I used the SpinDup to make it - don’t know if it has something to do with this behavior !

Found it #$%^^&*(
it looks like the Physics icon was on and i was unable to find the
draw menu where there is this object - solid wire …
It was on wire mode for this object

i don’t understand how this physics button does not give any warning ?

Very strange case - i don’t rebember touchng this button (physics ) - never seen that before !

Tanks anyway