Material override of single objects

Hey everyone

This might be a noob question, but I haven’t found an answer to it so far.
Is there an option in blender to override the materials of a single object (for cycles/internal)?

Maybe something similar to the Material override in the scene tab of the Properties View but just for a single object.

Well, I would just remove all the materials and then add the one I want.

But this way may lose the mesh assignment…

So you can:

  • Duplicate the mesh datablock with the “F” button and then the “2” button that appears (it will probably keep the original datablock with the fake user enabled – your backup)
  • Make the material modifications in the new datablock

Be aware that you have to redo this if you want to edit the mesh later (so remember to remove any unused datablocks with fake user)

Thats it :slight_smile:

Sorry for any English mistakes