Material painting.


I’m trying to figure out how to paint scratches/bulges onto a material if possible, but can’t seem to find any good video explaining how to do it.

Let me explain… I have a dagger that I’ve made in cycles, everything’s done and I’ve set the material to a quite glossy metal. Now I’d love some scratches on it to make it look used and old. Is this something I can do in texture painting and if so, how?

Do you have any videos to recommend for this purpose? Or am I completely lost on this matter?

Relatively new to Blender.

Cheers, Nick.

Above are a few links to check out that deal with creating weathered/scratched paint textures. You could use Blender’s texture painting feature to layout the start of a weathered texture for your model, but most likely you would end up adding the finishing touches in a texture editing program like PhotoShop or Gimp.

Of course right after I posted this I saw this video:

I had know idea you could work it completely in Blender. Of course you need all the custom brushes and image files he uses.

Brilliant! I’ll check out all the videos you posted.