Material Preview

After i have made a texture with marble and cloud for a face im doing the material preview looks nothing like the render texture please help

as you can see it looks horrible but the material preview looks smooth.


Looks like your bump map is doing more to your object than your Preview. Your object’s scale is multiplied by the bump setting, so a larger scale creates a larger bump. It’s possible your object has a scale of, say, 100. You can reset that to 1.0 by selecting your object, Ctrl+A and select Scale.

Your lighting also makes a big difference on how bump maps appear, so you might change you light’s angle, and/or increase the light’s size.

Beyond that we’ll need more information or (best of all!) a .blend file to look at.
Good luck!

Do you know how to make mouth more smooth as a oval shape


You’ll need more verts to make it round – you can see the anglular shape from one vert to the next in your model. Once nice technique is to make your sphere, then create your oval how you like it, but sitting in front of the face, near where you want it to be, but not worrying about it morphing exactly around the sphere. Then you use the Shrinkwrap modifier and project your oval onto the sphere. From there you can use the oval as a reference image to create the hole in the sphere.