material problem

does anyone know how to get rid of this pinkish color in my material?


I would suggest to replace the Multiply parm by Mix in the “Map To” Texture tab first and you’ll probably get greenish color !

okay thanks

ill try tomorrow because i gotta get some sleep
ive been on blender 15 hours already :wink:


don’t know, I tried to mimic all the setting I can see in your image, and as soon as I changed the color on that second “map to” texture tab, the preview matched.

Are you using something unusual for a texture? or some settings that aren’t visible here? All I did was apply a woodgrain with a bunch of turbulance to get the swirls in my display.

apparently you also have a second texture canal occupied by a gradient texture. this is the one giving you the pinkish color… So activate the blend texture, go back to the ‘Map to’ tab and change the color in this very same tab.


That button on the far right panel that says “Col” Click it, and you get no more pink, or green stuff, or, you can change the color in that same panel.