material problem

I am trying to make a building and am haveing a problem texturing. I am duplicating the walls and floors to save time but when I texture a wall it canges the wall that it was duplcated from as if it was the same object. It isn’t the same object is it. I have done the same thing before and I dont think this happended. Is there an easy solution to this or should I just not duplicate? Thanks.

The default material setting is Orco. Is that what you’re using? When you duplicate mesh vertices in Edit Mode and move them around you’re changing the Or(iginal) co(ordinates) of the mesh and the applied material moves to accomodate the new dimensions. To solve this problem duplicate the mesh when you’re in object mode instead. That help?

same question was asked yesterday

in object mode duplicate the wall by pressing shift-d. or selected the wall press the space bar, select edit then duplicate. next select the first wall. press F-5 select under the materials tab there is a section writen MA:Material click the lift mouse button and select add. Give the first wall a seperate material from the second

Thanks for the help and sorry about asking the same question.