Material Problem

I didnt know wether to put this into material or GE support forum, so move it if I am wrong. I have two textures, and two materials on one object, I have them both properly applied, and it looks perfect, but when I do a simple task, the materials get messed up! Even if I save, close, open, it gets messed up! Here is the blend (it is the tire) props.blend (827 KB)


props.blend (437 KB)

Bump… I am positive at least 50% of the forum knows the answer…

Not looking, because I can’t be bothered (sorry, nothing to do with you, just I rarely can)
But I am pretty sure what the problem is:

You have a UV map? Yes?
It displays fine in the 3D view but when you press play it gets scrambled?

Right, the solution:
Go to the material, go to the relevant texture, change the mapping from generated to UV
That should do it

The problem was that you have used the same texture for both materials.


props.blend (836 KB)