Material question plz reply

I have problem with materials.How can i make it so that it wont get streched out .I know it can be done.I dont mean uv maping

you should explain your problem a little more indepth (give examples)
texture is stretched out like this

if I’m reading your problem right then it looks like you need to tell the texture to map to cube, (on the more complex model you might just want to use UV mapping)
the options for map input are on the far right side of the texturing panel on a map input tab, youll see “flat, cube, tube, and sphe” select cube

the first pic is done with flat and second with cube

any more ideas?



solution 1: the heavy but precise one

you have to unfold your model and uv texture it

solution 2: the easy but tricky one

ever heared about multiple materials per object? you can assign individual materials to faces. select a face go to the edit window and create new material and assign. your faces need to be all even rectangles squares otherwise you brick texture will not fit at edges.


jes,but there is an easyer way,i downloaded a texture that wont be streched out like that.and i dont have to uv map anything or add multible textures

Check your MapInput…
if you don`t created UV Coords for your Object then you have to use Orco as
Map Input.