Material render problems by distance


I noticed that there is a problem with materials, especially if there is a normal map…I am wondering why this occurs and how to solve this problem. Thanks!

Problem heavily occurs when theres a normal map / / / Without normal map, the problem isnt so strong, but still there (lower half of the picture)

Try lowering the normal map strength. I believe that what you’re seeing is the graphics card putting a lower quality texture further away. The further away the plane is, the lower the quality of texture that’s drawn. I believe it’s done to conserve FPS on less details. You can adjust your graphics card options to use higher texture interpolation quality (?), and that should fix it.

Thanks SolarLune,
I noticed that changing the Anti-Aliasing differs the effect, but does not solve it. However, I couldnt find any other options in Blender to alter the output. Lowering the normal maps strength helps a bit, but doesnt seem to be the correct way.
By adjustment do you mean things like updating the graphic card drivers etc?
I am on a Mac, particularly a Hackintosh, which might be the cause for the problem.

EDIT: No isnt the drivers fault. I loaded a level of “Yo Frankie” and played with the NOR, also putting my normal map on an object. Strangely enough it does work on that file, no problem even when setting the geometry to “5” - so the problem might be caused by my settings?

Problem has been solved. Forgot to check the “Normal Map” option under “Image Sampling”-

Shame on me!