Material rendering as averaged colour? (Cycles renderer)

I am having an issue where a material is not rendering the texture map correctly. The material on the character is the same as the material on the ground and yet the texture doesnt render properly. I tried setting the UVs to no avail.

The material is as basic as can be. A Texture node going into a Diffuse node going into the output node. It works on the ground, but not on the character.

Not sure what to do.

Anyone know why this would happen?

Set Vector Mapping node before Image and Input - Texture Coordinate UV before Mapping node. Then, if you have properly unwrapped your guy, it should fall into the place.
Try to give a bit more information if this doesn’t help.

Thanks, it hasnt worked though :confused:

Here are my nodes:

Also heres the material preview which shows it appearing fine:

It shows up fine in the 3D viewport, just not in the render…

I’m so confused right now…

Turns out, I unchecked the render icon next to the UV map…
Anyway, works now!