Material/Rendering question

I’m not sure if this should be in the material/texture section or the lighting/rendering section…

Is there a way, through some combination of materials and/or rendering, to get a high quality 2D pixel sprite look similar to Bastion?
The important part is that I need to bring that look over to Unity. So I need to achieve that painterly, pixel sprite look in a way that is compatible with Unity’s (free) shaders.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

First of all try to take a look at these videos, I think that could be useful for your question.
The Horror of Cycles Baking!
Introduction to Cycles Baking
Cycles Baking to Textured Surface in Blender, for Unity3D
Game level texturing: Introduction (PART 1/5)
Hand Painted Textures in Blender part1
Tutorial - Hand Painted Textures in Blender

P.S. In your example you posted, most likely it’s all painted by hand

Thanks for those links. I’ve seen most of those vids before, but the last two were new to me and very helpful. I was going to say I’ll be painting by hand anyway, but after watching the last video and looking at my links again I see what you mean.I find texture painting to be the most tedious part of this process, but now I’m excited to get started :slight_smile: