Material Scrapbook

Hey all!

I wanted to start a new thread where I can post all my material tests/previews. The scene I’m going to be using is from Thanks to Tuqueque for his great meshes!

So here’s my first material, just a simple rock material, I used displacement, a color map, and a normal map. Render was a little over 5 minutes…not bad for the amount of polies (about 500,000)

Thanks for looking!

you gonna show your leather one too?

Good point jeepster :smiley:

Here’s the leather material, about 10 minutes to render because of blurry reflections.

hey, could you please share the blend to your rock material? so other people can learn of it - like me :slight_smile:
thanks in advance

i like the leather one :smiley: are you going to upload these like on blender-materials?

Whoa!.. those materials look great! I love the leather!.. And rendertimes are quite acceptable too!

Nice thing you are finding useful the b.m.p.s :slight_smile:

keep it up!

Yeah here you go, sorry the file is a little messed up, its just on a flat plane without any lights or anything because the material preview was to big to upload sry:

Idk if I’m going to upload to the materials database, don’t want to have to remake them in that file, I’ll upload the .blends if someone wants them though

I tried to make an ocean material…looked really good until the gamma correction and I’m to lazy to rerender :frowning:

it was origionally almost black the displacement also got a little messed up, you can see the bubbles :frowning: , but looks really good in a scene with some tweaks and it was a great test, the results were very satisfactory :smiley:

Idk if I’m going to upload to the materials database, don’t want to have to remake them in that file, I’ll upload the .blends if someone wants them though
you dont have to remake it, just append it :wink:

interesting ocean material :smiley:

lol, I just tried that, see if it is working on the .blend in my post above this please.

I’m rerendering that ocean mat…it looks a LOT better on a flat plane in a scene with a good backround. I’ll just edit that post.

Hmm… Call me a wuss but i’d never take a swim on such a black ocean ;)…

Sorry for invading your material Scrapbook, but you could try a little less dark material and definitely a little more translucent one!

Maybe something more like the test below… (I tried to respect real scales, see the unit measurement)

Of course is much heavier to render but more realistically dark.

Nicely done, and I don’t mind the render…The reason mine is black like that is because its meant to reflect a blue sky picture, though water is slightly blue, its not really all that blue its more because of the reflection. I’m going to try a more carribean type ocean later though. (Something I just noticed on your render is that you need to make the power on your displacement negative…the tops of the waves are sinking in instead of coming out.)

I forgot to mention that it was actually based off a maxwell material, I had never considered making like that, but when I saw the preview and renders of it in a scene, which is why I decided to do it, here is a link to the material: and a render of this material: Unfortunately I couldnt make the foam…any ideas on that, I couldnt get anything natural looking with the proceedral textures and I couldnt find a good picture.

New material, Dr.Pepper can, I know its simple, but I was bored, I’m finding myself very dusty on blender materials after all this time in vray :frowning: Have to get used to the settings again, because they transfer to vray waaay different…now back to my shipping container model…