material showing through to back side of face

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I need to do to stop the material on the outside (front) of my mailbox to stop showing through on the inside. I imagine it must be easier than adding a solidify modifier and then putting black material on the inside.

Thanks, by the way - I have the translucency set to 0.

Sorry but I think it is only solvable by adding a solidify modifier and setting it to the certain colour(in this case red). Because that face has the texture assigned to it, you can’t have two different textures on the same face. You could just go into edit mode and extrude that certain face that’s causing issues, and then map that new face with the red material.

Actually, you can have a different material on each side of a single face… You just need to use nodes. You have the Geometry node which gives you a Front/Back output in BI, and Backfacing output in Cycles. You create the 2 materials side by side in the node tree and you use this Geometry output as a factor in a Mix node.

Oh apologies, I stand corrected. Thanks Kaluura

Thanks Kaluura, that worked a treat - I’ve attached the .blend if others are interested in this.


letterbox1.blend (1.09 MB)