Material shows in viewport, not in render

So this is probably something im just overlooking, but I have a button in my scene, that is supposed to be red. I just put a BSDF shader on it and made it red.

Now it shows the color in the viewport…but when I render the scene, it become black

This is probale a ‘duh’ moment…but can anybody tell me what im missing here


please note

  • normals are facing the right way
  • i see the red in the viewport…but when I isolate the button… it turns black (although I see a small amount of red…

could you share a pic on your node setup and material parameters also… or just save the button and post it here in a blend file?

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I can’t send the blend file (is 4GB)…
But here is the material

its really simple…

and another strange thing… the button also shows black in the solid view:

what happens if you paste just the button into a new file? can you save the button in its own file and post that here, if its still happening?

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That is a great idea haha… sorry I didnt come up with that… here is the file

It definately feels like its a mesh problem in stead of a material problem. (i know the topo is horrible… i just got the model from a client that made it in another programme)…

hope you can help!

Turn auto smooth off.

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Yes that was the problem…

Thanks a lot everybody!

If you want to use autosmooth, you can delete custom normals:

great idea isn’t it!!!

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thanks! that’s good to know … cause I want to use it for some other objects …