material slots which ones are which ?

(youngbatcat) #1

I know that the material slots have a better render output
for each one if used right. I just can’t remember what they
are right now. So please help me pretty please.

with cheese on top ^v^

(theeth) #2

Are you talking about texture channels(the 8 slots in the Material window)?

If not, then I truely don’t know what the heck you are talking about… :-?


(youngbatcat) #3

Yes “not” the configure buttons with the nor and col etc…
But the unmarked image slots in the material window.

Following me ?

So can you recall for me which ones do the tricks ?


(rwv01) #4

As far as I know those eight buttons are identical.
The only veriable is the order of the materials.

Are you trying to improve your render results by finding the best order to apply your materials?

What’s your objective?

(youngbatcat) #5

nope you are wrong and now you have learned something new !

The Slots do infact play an important roll in what you place inside which
one. It’s an old undocumented feature.

So rrrrrrrrrrrr

I’m going to ask in another area.


(hweihe) #6

At least the eigth channel has a special funtion: It can control particles. There is a tutorial about it:

If there are more such functions, it would be nice to know…! : :o


(theeth) #7

the channel order only plays a role (as far as I know) when:

using particles
using halos
using the Stencil function
using bump maps with a refl or nor texture

the order of the textures is the order how they are applied.

as far as I know.


(youngbatcat) #8

thanks that is a little of what I was asking about. I have PM’ed
Ingie Bee so maybe Bee can help.