Material spotaniously changed color?

I built a cube under a white point light to build a material using Cycles rendering. When I finished building my material and went to bed after saving the file, the material was kind of white with grey spots.

When I opened the file this morning, the material is pink in color. Note, I have not made any changes at all to any aspect of the file, anywhere. So with it just becoming pink for no apparent reason, I have no idea how it happened or what to do to fix it.

Pink usually means that the texture you used is missing.

Did you create a new texture file in blender for things like texture painting? Blender doesn’t save images automatically when you press save. You would have to go to the image and save it manually to your computer, but since you came back after it was lost, it may not exist anymore.

If you didn’t create a new texture, check if the file is still located somewhere on your computer. Going up to file > find missing files, then selecting the folder where it may be would make blender fix textures like this.

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That was it, the base texture image could not be found.
I had changed the location of the .blend file prior to opening it to do more work.
I decided to grab the image from where I had it in my Pictures directory and copy it to the same directory as the .blend file. and reselect it in the node. The moment I did that, it resummed looking like it should.

For the next time or a similar issue…

Quick Tip:

  • Analyze scene!
    a) Either check in “Properties editor > Scene > Scene Debug
    b) or run command “File > External Data > Report Missing Files(observe, read report in Info editor)

  • Fix Missing Textures!
    run command “File > External Data > Find Missing Files(set path, enter & observe report in the Info editor)

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